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6 Myths Other Gutter Guard Companies Want You to Believe

Many gutter guard companies claim that they sell the best gutter protection, yet there are unique benefits that set Gutter Helmet® apart from the competition. In addition, few can share so many great gutter guard reviews! Here are several myths that we hear from potential customers about the competition that just don’t add up.

The Best Gutter Covers Are Worth the Investment

If you’re like many homeowners, you may be wondering if gutter covers are worth the investment. And, like most products, the answer depends on whether you choose the best gutter covers or a cheap product you can install yourself. To help you decide if this is an investment that makes sense for you, let’s take […]

6 Steps to Installing a Strong Gutter System

Your gutter system protects your home in multiple ways. From funneling rainwater away from your foundation to preventing soil erosion around your home, you want to make sure you have one that’s properly installed so it can stand up to rain and snow. Here are some tips from some expert gutter guard installers who are […]

A Heated Gutter Guard Protects Your Home in Winter

Winter is here and we’re already seeing significant snowfall. With that snowfall often comes the formation of ice dams on a roof. Although the ice dams also create beautiful icicles, they’re not good for your home. In fact, significant ice dam build-up can cause your gutters to sag, bend or pull away from your home. […]

Why Gutter Cover Brackets Matter

Gutter covers aren’t a new invention. Since the 1980s, many products including gutter inserts, plastic and metal screens, and metal gutter shields have come and gone because they haven’t provided a proven solution. Most often the problem lies in the design of the product, especially in how the gutter cover is affixed to the gutter […]

Why Your Gutter Guard Installer Should Be Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Gutter cover installers provide a service just like an HVAC company, roofer and other service technicians. You wouldn’t allow a non-licensed HVAC repairperson or an uninsured roofer to work on your home – so why even consider a gutter guard installer that isn’t licensed, bonded and insured? Yes, you may pay a bit more for […]

Comparing Costs: Are Rain Gutter Guards a Good Investment?

Most homeowners agree that the idea of rain gutter guards is appealing. After all, the best gutter guard products are designed to ensure you never have to spend money on a gutter cleaning company or waste your own time cleaning your gutters. The right product, installed professionally, can and will provide you with a positive […]

The Best Gutters Covers Aren’t Made of Plastic

If you’re looking for the best gutter covers, you want metal gutter shields. Plastic gutter covers are less expensive initially and easy to self-install, but you’ll find that they need to be replaced sooner than metal. As you evaluate your options for gutter covers, you should only consider those made of a high-quality, rust-resistant metal […]

4 Tools to Make Cleaning Your Gutters Easier

One of the most dreaded tasks homeowners face is cleaning gutters. If you don’t have the right rain gutter guard system and you have trees nearby, you’ll have to clean your gutters regularly. This task takes time and effort. However, if you have the right tools, you can make the job easier and faster. Here […]

5 Types of Gutter Guards (& Which Is Best!)

You may be looking into gutter covers and wondering which are the best rain gutter guards. While it’s common to think that all will do the job the same, that’s not the reality. If you look for top-rated gutter guards, you’ll consistently find Gutter Helmet® on the list. That’s because this product is designed differently. […]

The New Homeowner’s Guide to Gutters & Gutter Caps

If the new school year finds your family in a new home, you should check out your gutter system. It’s one of the most important components of your roofing system and one that’s frequently overlooked. Nonexistent, leaking or clogged gutters can lead to damage to your home – from your roof to your basement, crawlspace […]

How to Squirrel-Proof Your Gutters

If you’ve ever had squirrels in your attic, you know the damage they can do. One of the most common ways they enter a home is through the roofing system. One way to avoid damage to your roofing and fascia is with gutter protection products. They keep your gutters from becoming clogged and overflowing, which […]

Reasons to Hire a BBB Accredited Gutter Guard Installer

If you’re looking for a contractor to do work inside or outside your home, it’s a good rule of thumb to check with Better Business Bureau (BBB) to investigate the company’s accreditation and rating. This is also true if you’re looking to hire a gutter guard installer. Once you find what you believe are the […]

How Does Your Gutter Cover Stand Up To The Maple Spinner

How Does Your Gutter Cover Stand Up to the Maple Spinner?

If you grew up with maple trees in your neighborhood, you probably have fond memories of maple spinners. Perhaps you called them “helicopters” or “whirligigs.” They are fun to watch fall from the trees and chase around the yard. Now that you’re a homeowner, you may realize what havoc these seeds cause for your home, […]

Improve Your Homes Resistance To Wildfires With Gutter Helmet

Improve Your Home’s Resistance to Wildfires With Gutter Helmet®

Although this spring has been wetter than normal throughout the U.S., as we continue into the summer, the rainfall expectations are low, especially in the western part of the country. Last summer, those same areas saw record wildfires that decimated neighborhoods. Even if you’re in a part of the country that is expecting normal rainfall […]

What Is Your Gutter Cover Made From? (and Why It Matters)

What Is Your Gutter Cover Made From? (And Why It Matters)

Like gutters, roof gutter guard systems come in many different materials and styles. However, what your gutter guards are made from makes a difference in how they work and how long they last. Different materials endure and work differently. Here are the most common materials you’ll find gutter protection products made from, and why they […]

Gutter Protection System

5 Things to Look For in Your Gutter Protection System

If you’ve decided that you never want to clean your gutters again, you have two choices: either plan on paying someone to do it regularly, or invest in gutter guards. In the end, most homeowners decide that gutter guards are the most economical and effective option. Whether you’re looking for the best gutter guards for […]

Gutter Cleaning Tips

8 Ways to Save Money on Gutter Cleaning

Fall is here and it’s time to start thinking about your gutters and how you’re going to get them clean before winter. If you haven’t budgeted for a cleaning and don’t want to spend a lot of money, here are eight ideas to help you save.