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Gutter Helmet® gutter covers are installed directly over existing full-size gutters. You’ll notice that the nose of a Gutter Helmet® cover actually extends past the lip of your gutter. This patented Nose Forward Design™ prevents debris from entering your gutters. Unlike some other rain gutter covers that claim to protect gutters just as well, Gutter Helmet has no vertical openings – only a 3/8-inch gap to let water in while keeping debris out. 

Our customers tell us that with our gutter covers, an extraordinary amount of water is able to enter the gutters, but virtually nothing else. Gutter Helmet® is professionally installed and can be positioned over or under your shingles.

How Does the Water Get In?

The Gutter Helmet® system puts physics to work for you. It starts with the principle of surface tension, which explains why water dribbles when you try to pour it out of a glass. Hold a glass sideways under a tap and turn on the water. Notice how the water sheets around the glass, clinging to it even on the underside? Turn up the tap and the water will still adhere. 

Gutter Helmet takes this principle and applies it to a carefully engineered design using a precise shape and angle. We add a patented textured surface coating that makes it even more effective by causing water to sheet rather than bead up. Rainwater flows right over the nose and down into the gutter system.

How Much Can It Handle?

The hardest rain ever documented in the United States by the U.S Weather Service is just over 11 inches per hour. That’s a lot of water! Gutter Helmet is tested to securely handle twice this amount: 22 inches per hour.

Learn More About What Makes Gutter Helmet® the Best

To learn more about how the Gutter Helmet system works, how it can protect your home and why we have the best gutter guards, call (800) 824-3772 to arrange for a free, no-obligation gutter protection quote from your local dealer. You can also go to our website to check out our gutter guard reviews.