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Installing flat gutter guard systems, such as micro-mesh gutter guards, will inevitably cause problems for homeowners. One of the most common issues with this type of system is debris buildup due to how the guards are installed. Here’s why you don’t want gutter guards that lie flat over the top of the gutters.

The Result of Flat Gutter Guards: Overflow & Rot

With flat gutter shields, rather than being washed off, most debris will wash down the pitched roof and catch at the bottom of the roofline. When a mat of organic debris, pollen and grime builds up on a flat guard, any additional water that flows down the roof will hit the top of the pile because it’s heavier. The water can’t go through the mat, which leaves only two possibilities: it will go backward, dripping down behind the gutters and onto the fascia board, or it will spill over the front of the gutters. Very little water will filter through the debris and into the gutters.

As debris continues to pile up against the fascia board, water will leech backward, which will cause the fascia and decking to begin to rot. If not removed, within two to three years, this layer of waterlogged debris can lead to significant damage.

Choose Gutter Helmet® for Solid Protection

The greater the angle of the gutter guard, the less likely this is to happen. That’s what makes the design of America’s #1 gutter guard so important. Gutter Helmet® can be positioned over or under shingles so there’s a solid continuation of the roofline with no space for debris to become trapped. It’s the only patented solid gutter cover that’s precision-engineered so water flows over and into gutters while leaves and debris stay out. See Gutter Helmet in action!

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