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Leaf Gutter Guards Designed By Engineers,
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Gutter Protection That’s The Crown Molding Of Your Home’s Exterior.
Beautiful. Effective. Durable. Remarkable.

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The Only 100% Carefree Gutter Leaf Guard Solution.

Discover the ultimate gutter protection solution with Gutter Helmet. Unlike other leaf gutter guard options, micro-mesh gutter guards, and other gutter guard companies—which may mislead you with promises of a “permanent solution” but still require maintenance — Gutter Helmet eliminates the need for ladders, screens, or filter replacements, providing year-round rainwater management and comprehensive home protection. Choose Gutter Helmet for a hassle-free gutter protection system that guarantees no more gutter cleaning.

Why We’re Better And More Reliable Than Other Gutter Guard Companies.

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Horizontal Stiffening Ribs

Increases strength and water disbursement.

Patented Shape And Design

Precisely engineered opening lets water enter, keeps leaves and debris out.

Patented Textured Surface

Handles the heaviest rainfall, snow loads, and extreme winds.

PermaLife Finish

High-performance, anti-corrosive, multilayer paint finish protects against fading/chalking.

Heavy Gauge Metal Supports

Reinforced aluminum alloy anti-corrosive load bearing system.

Why Gutter Helmet Is The Only
100% Hands-Off Solution.

No One Else Compares

(But We Tried Anyway)


How Does It Work?

Gutter Helmet’s gutter protection system secret is the principle of surface tension. Hold a glass under a running faucet and you can see this principle at work: The water flows around the outside of the glass. Similarly, water clings to your Gutter Helmet leaf gutter guards as it runs down the roof, flowing freely into your gutters. Pine needles, leaves, and other debris, however, fall harmlessly to the ground below. Gutter Helmet is one of the best gutter guard companies and gives you exactly what you want out of leaf gutter guards. Your gutters stay open and clear. You stay off of the ladder!

Why Is It Better Than Other Systems?

Easy — because there will be no more gutter cleaning! No need for you or someone you hire to risk climbing a shaky ladder ever again thanks to our leaf gutter guards.

You also avoid overflowing gutters, which can lead to rotting fascia boards and soffits as well as damage to your foundation, basement, crawl spaces, and walls. Never again will rainwater destroy your landscaping by pouring off your roof.

With Gutter Helmet leaf gutter guards, you can finally stop worrying and start enjoying the peace of mind that comes from having maintenance-free gutters.

What Makes It A Permanent Solution?

With no filters to replace and no maintenance required, you’ll never have to climb a ladder to clear your gutters again! Gutter Helmet is one of the only gutter guard companies that can say that. It’s a difference worth celebrating!

How Much Does It Cost?

The size of your home, the condition of your existing gutters, and the need for special equipment for installing our leaf gutter guards all have an impact on the costs of having a Gutter Helmet gutter leaf guard system installed. Get in touch with your local Gutter Helmet dealer, call (800) 824-3772 or fill out our online form for a free, no-obligation estimate.

How Long Will It Last?

Gutter Helmet leaf gutter guard system is engineered to last a lifetime. We even back that up with a Triple Lifetime Warranty. Our warranty is totally transferable to the next owner of your home, so you can rest assured that you’ll never have to replace gutter leaf guards once they have been installed.

Can I Do This Myself?

Gutter Helmet’s gutter leaf guard system is customized to your home’s needs and must be professionally installed by a certified Gutter Helmet Dealer to work properly. This is also the only way to ensure you receive the Triple Lifetime Warranty. Get in touch with your local Gutter Helmet dealer for a free, no-obligation estimate today.

It’s Your Home. Choose Wisely.


Do Nothing.

If you don’t take action, mold, mildew, and pests sure will. A host of water-related problems arise from clogged gutters. And if you plan on cleaning your own gutters, don’t get us started on climbing that shaky ladder.

Spend $$ On A Temporary Fix.

Other leaf guard gutter protection systems tell you they keep the leaves out of your gutters. What they don’t say is their filters or screens are simply collecting all the debris instead. And what happens to all of the filthy filters in your life now? Coffee filters, air filters, etc.? That’s right. You have to clean or replace them. All. The. Time.

Get Gutter Helmet.

Sit back, relax, and pat yourself on the back for making the smartest leaf gutter guard decision ever. And cross gutter cleaning off your to-do list, forever.

Melt Away Winter Worries.

Helmet Heat works with Gutter Helmet to protect your home all year long. The self-regulating heating cable keeps ice and snow from building up at the edges of your roof. Helmet Heat is easily installed, whether your Gutter Helmet system is new or existing.

Prevents Snow And Ice Buildup

Keeps snow and ice from accumulating on your eaves and maintains water flow through your gutters and downspouts. Roof damage is averted.

Self-Regulating Heat Element

Our exclusive self-regulating heating cables never get hot to the touch. They detect temperature changes and respond accordingly. GFCI-protected cables can't overheat.

Works With Gutter Helmet

Gutter Helmet and Helmet Heat deliver a one-two punch against ice dams and frozen gutters. The cables are hidden underneath your Gutter Helmet covers, keeping them invisible and protected.

Energy Efficient

Our heat cables are a safe, efficient and practical de-icing solution for your home. Because Helmet Heat is self-regulating, there’s no need for a thermostat or constant monitoring.

The Hottest Product In Home Protection.

How Does It Work?

Helmet Heat reduces ice dams and the damage they can cause. The system melts snow before it has a chance to accumulate and impact the flow of water through your gutters.

  • Prevents Dangerous Icicles: Heavy icicles pose safety hazards and can damage gutters.
  • Reduces Roofline Ice Buildup: Prevents water damage due to ice buildup along the roof edge.
  • Prevents Gutter Ice Formation: Stops gutters from sagging due to ice and ensures effective water drainage.

With Helmet Heat, you can say goodbye to frozen and sagging gutters when subzero temperatures and heavy snowfall come.

Why Is It Better Than Other Systems?

Let us count the ways!

  1. Energy Efficient: Helmet Heat helps you save energy while keeping your roofline free from ice.
  2. Self-Regulating: The system adjusts its heat output based on temperature, ensuring efficiency and safety without the need for monitoring.
  3. Safety: GFCI- protected cables that prevent overheating, maintaining a safe temperature while melting ice.
  4. Clean Installation: Installed discreetly under Gutter Helmet gutter covers for a neat roofline.
  5. Material Efficiency: Innovative materials and design make Helmet Heat effective and reliable.
  6. Compatibility: Works seamlessly with the Gutter Helmet system to combat ice dams and frozen gutters.

Together, Gutter Helmet and Helmet Heat deliver an unbeatable one-two punch against ice dams and frozen gutters.

How Much Does It Cost?

Many factors go into the cost of installing Helmet Heat on your home. Get in touch with your local Gutter Helmet dealer, call (800) 824-3772 or fill out our online form for a free, no-obligation estimate.

Can I Do This Myself?

Helmet Heat is customized to your home’s needs and must be professionally installed by a certified Gutter Helmet Dealer to work properly. Get in touch with your local Gutter Helmet dealer for a free, no-obligation estimate today.

I’ve had Gutter Helmet on my roof for 20 years and I’m totally happy with them, particularly the heated ones that prevent ice dams. I love the fact that I do not have to climb ladders to clean gutters every year!

Holger L.Topsfield, Massachusetts

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