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Gutter covers are a fairly simple concept. They can be in the form of a cover or an insert that fits over or into gutters to keep out unwanted materials like leaves, twigs and other debris — basically everything except water. They’re meant to help keep your gutters clean, clear and functional. Even though the design of most gutter covers is simple and straightforward, it can still be overwhelming to look at all the available options and choose the one that will work best for you. 

To help you out, we’ve provided a few tips to keep in mind that will help you choose the best gutter guards for your situation.  

  • Determine gutter size and style. Most homes in the U.S. have gutters that are either 5-inch or 6-inch, though if you live in an area with high annual rainfall totals, your gutters could go up to 7 or 8 inches in width. If you’re not sure of the size, just measure across the gutter opening. As for the style, your gutters are most likely either half-round (U-shaped) or K-style (noticeable corners). 
  • Gutter covers vs. inserts. You need to be very careful and do plenty of research when choosing between gutter covers and gutter inserts. Gutter covers are positioned directly over the gutters and keep out leaves and other debris while still allowing water to flow into them. Other types of gutter guards, on the other hand, are simply foam or brush inserts that sit directly in the gutters and prevent certain types of debris from entering the system. While gutter covers are easier to clean, gutter inserts are easier to install on your own, which can be attractive to homeowners who prefer DIY installation.
  • Look at the types of debris in your gutters. Think back to the types of debris that were most prevalent in your gutters the last time you cleaned them. Did you only see leaves and twigs, or were you dealing with pine needles and seed pods as well? You may even have noticed animal nests. When selecting a gutter cover, you’ll need to take all this into consideration, as it’s critical that you choose one that’s made to filter out the debris you encounter in your specific area. For example, some gutter covers that are designed to keep out leaves are much less effective at keeping out pine needles. To find the style that will work best for you, all it takes is a little research.  
  • Consider your budget. Gutter guards range in price, depending on the materials used to make them. Gutter inserts, for instance, cost significantly less than gutter covers that are installed directly over the gutters. In addition, plastic covers are cheaper than those made of metal, while screens tend to be slightly less expensive than specialty covers. While choosing one of these cheaper alternatives will be easier on your budget, just remember that they’re also often less durable and don’t hold up to the elements as well.  

What Makes Gutter Helmet® the Best

For the best quality and value, choose a Gutter Helmet® gutter protection system. Our covers have a ribbed, textured surface with a Permalife™ finish and unique nose-forward design that passively draws water into the gutters while moving any debris over the edge and down to the ground. In addition, our system comes with a Triple Lifetime Warranty! To find out more and get a free, no-obligation estimate, give us a call today at (800) 824-3772 or contact us online. 

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