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On February 1st, Gutter Helmet partnered with The Boys and Girls Club of the Suncoast to support the literacy development of children throughout Southwest Florida. This initiative intended to provide resources that support language comprehension and word recognition. The Boys and Girls Club Leading Through Literacy Program is designed to provide a thorough and engaging approach to reading. 

At Gutter Helmet, we’re passionate about gutter protection with integrity and delivering a better-designed gutter guard. Other gutter guard companies claim to be “permanent” solutions, but Gutter Helmet offers a truly permanent filter-free option for no more gutter cleaning. With dealers throughout the nation, Gutter Helmet means gutter protection for decades with leaf-free gutter guards.

From Jacksonville, Florida to Anchorage, Alaska, Gutter Helmet experts gathered to create Literacy Labs under four different themes: Camping, Ships, Insects, and Buildings. Each theme included a variety of books and hands-on activities carefully selected to nurture an enjoyable reading journey. Brian Carriger, an Indiana-based Gutter Helmet Expert, noted that “It was very fulfilling being able to give back to the Boys and Girls Club alongside other Gutter Helmet dealerships who are so dedicated to each of their local communities.”.

These Literacy Labs are now being distributed to children and families participating in the Leading Through Literacy Program. Teams trained in Scarborough’s Reading Rope Model will effectively deliver these Labs within their local community. Beth Mangus, a Corporate Gutter Helmet Customer Service Representative, stated “The bags were a big success for all of us.  I am from Florida and anything we can do to help our children is always a positive.”


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