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Common Gutter Problems & How They Ruin Your Whole House

By July 8, 2014October 18th, 2023No Comments

You should know that the effectiveness of your gutter system can contribute a great deal to the long-term integrity of your home’s structure. Still, many homeowners (and designers and builders, too) tend to overlook their importance. Over the years of we’ve dealt with gutters of many homes in Milwaukee, we have routinely discovered improperly sized gutters, poor sheet metal work, and unpainted interiors. Blame it on inferior design, shoddy installation or construction defects, gutters that aren’t complete, installed properly or the right gutters for your home can cause a multitude of problems. We have also learned that a faulty gutter, which can lead to further damage or premature deterioration of your home’s roof, siding and foundation, is mainly due to defective installation.

Improper location of downspouts – or not having enough of them – is the most common problem. This can lead to standing water and overflows during heavy rains. Moreover, when downspouts drain directly into lower gutters or the ground, or when a gutter end is not closed, the water drains directly into the roof and will flow against your sidewall.  But if installed properly, gutters can keep interior spaces and basements dry, protect your siding from backsplash stain and rot, shield your doors and windows from water infiltration and damage, and can even preserve the topsoil of your beloved garden.

Other roofing problems such as missing flashing, leaking seams, and standing water can also cause for your gutter to fail over time.

And since clogging is the most common gutter problem, you should make it a point to conduct regular maintenance work – at least twice a year with the help of a contractor that installs gutter covers in Milwaukee WI – to keep downspouts and drains free from all sorts of debris. Common debris include leaves, buds, seedlings, lumber sticks, balls, nests, and on occasions, some cute squirrels making their dwelling inside the gutter.

We understand that maintenance work can be time-consuming, costly, and risky, especially if the position of the gutter is near impossible to access. Gutter Helmet® Wrightway, your expert in Gutter Protection Systems in Milwaukee Wisconsin, is here to provide a permanent solution to clogging issues that you will have to deal season after season and put an end to your gutter problem. Call us now for more information about this permanent solution.