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Gutter Helmet®: Protects your Home and Values your Safety

By July 10, 2014No Comments

In the recent five-day forecast of, increased humidity was expected in Albany, New York along with scattered thunderstorms and showers. The local news source reported of the same:

Clouds will be on the increase Monday as a disturbance treks across the region bringing the threat of showers and thunderstorms by the afternoon. Highs will be in the low to mid 80s again.  Another disturbance will move through on Tuesday once again ramping up the threat of showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon. Humidity levels will increase on Monday and stay fairly high through Wednesday, until a frontal passage makes it more comfortable later in the week.

With high chances of downpours, your gutters should be serving their purpose. However, are you sure that they are functioning as they should? An efficient gutter system should collect rainwater and direct it to its desired location, which is away from the house. Know that when rainwater is splashed into the ground across all directions, it can damage the foundation of your house. Likewise, your exterior, such as the wall and paint, may be stained due to splashes of water.

For your gutters to work, they need to be regularly cleaned. However, many homeowners tend to postpone doing this task leaving dirt and debris to accumulate. It can even happen that dirty gutters can invite animals and insects to settle in. One reason why some homeowners are likely to ignore cleaning their gutter is because they hesitate taking the ladder because of the risk of falling.

True, it is important that your gutters are clog free for it to work well. But you don’t need to risk falling from the ladder. For this reason, Gutter Helmet® developed an innovative product to provide the need for gutter covers of Albany homeowners. This is your perfect ally because it practically takes care of filtering all sorts of dirt and debris to clog up.

Gutter Helmet®, the provider of best gutter protection in Albany, offers a patented design that only allows rainwater and directs it to its right course. More importantly, it will save you from using that ladder and avoiding accidents to happen.

(Article Excerpt from First Warning Forecast by Bob Kovachick,