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Asbestos in Gutter Debris Can Pose Danger to Your health

By June 23, 2014No Comments

Some of us stay in our ancestral homes for sentimental reasons, especially when it is passed down from generation to generation. But did you know that most of the old houses were built using a mineral fiber called asbestos? This is usually not a health hazard if the structure is in good condition, but if damage is already showing, it can pose a threat to the occupants. Asbestos, by itself, is generally regarded as hazardous. In fact, the removal of this is done in a controlled environment and should be conducted with utmost care. Here is a case in point, as reported by

Asbestos warnings are now posted outside a partially collapsed home in Albany.

The signs are tacked onto a chain link fence outside of 162 Clinton Avenue.

The roof and back wall of the vacant, historic home collapsed on Friday.

The city ordered that it be taken down.

However, the asbestos discovery is complicating the demolition process.

Know that asbestos can’t be seen with the naked eye and can only manifest if parts of your house that contains it get damaged. These are usually found on the roof so if your shingles are damaged chances are some amount of asbestos will run to your gutter and gets stocked up along with all sorts of debris. That is why a gutter protection in Albany is something you should consider as necessary to protect your family.

Get the best gutter protection systems in Albany from Gutter Helmet®. We guarantee of giving you the highest-quality, durable aluminum material. Our patented design, which is reinforced with horizontal stiffening ribs, allows rainwater to flow freely while keeping out damaging leaves, twigs, pine needles and other debris. Apart from having clean gutters, this is all about giving you peace of mind that no hazardous asbestos fiber gets trapped in your gutter keeping your home and the health of your family safe.

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