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When you save water in your yard and garden, it doesn’t only reduce your water bills. It also helps preserve the water supply of your community. Today, we offer a few suggestions on how to do just that. 

  1. Install a rain barrel. One of the easiest ways to harvest rain is to use a rain barrel. And because rainwater is free of many of the chemicals that are present in groundwater, it is good for the foliage in your garden. In fact, many municipalities offer incentives to homeowners who integrate this water-saving device into their irrigation system.
  1. Clean the gutters. It is essential to clean your gutters at least twice a year. Without routine cleaning, leaves, branches and other debris will collect in your gutters and create clogs that will block the flow of rainfall from the roof and into the drainage system. Clogged gutters may also contaminate your rain barrels, leaving you with more cleaning to do.
  1. Water the soil. When it is time to water your plants, make sure that you keep the water at root level. Keeping water off the leaves of plants also helps in minimizing fungal diseases and preventing sunscald.
  1. Mow high. For most grass species, the ideal height limit for proper maintenance is about two inches. This helps shade the soil from direct sunlight and hinder excessive evaporation.
  1. Do not overwater. In many residences, the amount of water wasted through overwatering is at an all-time high. Too much water in your garden soil stresses root systems, contributes to root rot and results in a waste of resources.

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