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Summer offers us relaxing afternoons by the lakeside or a backyard barbecue with friends. But for some homeowners, this season is also the best time to do some yard work. If you’re about to start yours next weekend, make sure to brush up on all the necessary safety precautions involved with the task. 

Beat the Heat

The heat of summer can be pleasant, but it won’t always be your friend. This is especially true when it comes to yard work. Prolonged heat exposure can lead to dehydration and other illnesses, so if you want to keep yourself safe, make sure to:

  • Always have water on hand when working the yard. Drink one cup of water every 15 minutes – this equates to about a liter of water over an hour.
  • Take frequent breaks. Get out of the sun by resting a few minutes in the shade or inside your home (where there’s air conditioning).
  • Dress in lightweight and light-colored clothing to protect yourself against heat-related illnesses.

Be Careful Around Yard Equipment

Mowing the lawn, trimming shrubs and cutting back tree branches usually make up the bulk of yard work. To avoid accidents, focus on the task at hand while still making sure you’re aware of your surroundings at all times. If you’re new to yard work and not fully confident about using power equipment like a mower, power clipper or chainsaw, there’s no harm in hiring an actual professional for the job. 

Avoid Climbing Any Ladders (Unless Absolutely Necessary)

As you set about your summer yard work, you may notice that your gutters appear to be clogged or misaligned. Using a ladder for a quick look-see seems like it would be a good idea, but you should take a step back and reconsider. Falls from ladders can cause more injuries than accidents with power equipment. If you plan to clean or unclog your gutters, the better idea is to hire an expert like Gutter HelmetĀ® of Northern Minnesota. 

We remain the go-to company for reliable and efficient gutter cleaning service in the area. Plus, with our exceptional Gutter Helmet covers, we can help keep your gutter system clean and clog-free for longer. This is made possible by their patented nose-forward design, which allows only water to pass through the system, while leaves, pine needles and other loose debris are shed to fall harmlessly to the ground.

Get in Touch With Us

When it comes to professional gutter cleaning and gutter protection service, look no further than Gutter Helmet of Northern Minnesota. With our skilled and trained team on the job, we’ll make sure these aspects of your summer yard work are completed to best results. We proudly serve homeowners in Duluth, MN, and other areas in St. Louis County. Call us today at (866) 937-3508, or fill out this contact form to schedule a consultation.

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