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The downspouts are an integral part of your gutter system. Without them, there’ll be no actual way to direct runoff away from your home. But as useful as downspouts are, their presence can somewhat affect your home’s look – and not in a good way! Awkwardly positioned downspouts are unsightly, and you’ll want to take measures that prevent them from being too noticeable.

1. Paint them. This is probably the simplest and most cost-effective way to hide your downspouts. But keep in mind that it also takes considerable time and effort. You’ll need to prepare their surface by cleaning them with oxygen bleach, sanding off rusted sections and then applying primer. Make sure the paint you chose matches closely with the siding or trim color. This way, the downspouts will appear seamless with your home’s exterior.

2. Let nature do the work. This solution takes even more patience than just painting the downspouts. But the upside is that you won’t have to do much. There are plenty of ways to hide the downspouts using greenery or even your garden. You can, for instance, use vines, which have slender and flexible branches that allow them to grow in any direction. 

Place them over the downspouts, and water them daily. Over time, they’ll grow downward and hide your downspouts from view. You also have the option to wrap the vines around the downspouts to encourage them to grow along the component. Some excellent options for growing vines include annual sweet pea, evergreen clematis and cup-and-saucer.

Do you have potted plants or shrubs that grow tall? You can use their considerable height to keep the downspouts hidden. This also has the additional benefit of keeping these same plants watered thanks to downspout overflow. Just make sure, however, that the plants aren’t placed directly underneath the downspouts to avoid overwatering.

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