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Water consumption is high in the summer for many households. Tired of paying sky-high water bills every summer? Fortunately, there are ways to get around this.

In this post, Gutter Helmet Systems of Alabama, a leading provider of the best gutter guards, discuss the five different ways you can reduce your water consumption for the summer.

  1. Don’t Hand-Wash Your Dishes and Car – During the summer avoid hand washing your dishes and car as much as possible. Instead, use the dishwasher to clean your dishes since this actually uses less water than hand washing. For your car, consider going to a car wash instead.

  1. Fix Your Toilets – If you suspect your toilet is leaking, have a plumber come check and arrange for swift repairs if needed. Toilet leaks are the cause of significant water wastage.

  1. Be Shower-Savvy – Taking a shower doesn’t necessarily mean you have to waste large amounts of water; in fact, you can still conserve water when you shower. Taking shorter showers and turning the water off as you shampoo or shave can help reduce your water consumption significantly.

  1. Time Your Gardening – When watering your plants during the summer, choosing the right time to do so can help you conserve water. As much as possible, avoid watering your plants in the middle of the day to prevent the water from evaporating quickly. Instead, water your plants in the morning or the evening so your plants can actually soak up the water.

  1. Collect Rainwater – Rainwater can be re-used for a lot of things such as watering your plants or cleaning parts of your home. You can use a rainwater harvester to collect the runoff from your roof for future use.

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