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Can your gutters still be repaired? Or, would it be more cost-effective to replace them? It’s important to understand the current state of your gutters to answer these questions.

What’s the Extent of the Damage?

Whether your gutters need to be repaired or replaced depends on the extent of the damage. Repairs would be enough to fix minor to moderate damage. But it would make more financial sense to install new gutters systems if the damage is extensive. 

Are There Signs of Minor Gutter Damage?

We’ve listed below some of the common signs of minor damage:

  1. Gutter leaks 

  2. Gutters that are pulling away from the roof 

  3. Loose nails or fastening mechanisms 

  4. Holes and cracks that let sunlight pass through the gutters

  5. Water stains on the fascia

In most cases, gutters with minor damage can still be fixed. If, however, you have seamless gutters installed, you’ll need to get a replacement. Parts of seamless gutters can’t be replaced because they’re installed in one piece. 

Did the Damage Spread to Other Parts of Your Home?

If the leaks are severe, the damage will likely spread to other parts of your home. You’ll need new gutters systems if you notice any of the following signs: 

  1. Flooding in the basement 
  2. Wood rot on your window sills, deck or garage doors 
  3. Cracks in the siding’s coat of paint 
  4. Cracks in concrete pavements 

Minimizing Damage 

Several factors can damage your gutters, but the most common one is a downspout blockage. That’s why frequent cleaning is a must for your gutter systems. 

However, a lot of homeowners aren’t able to maintain their gutters because of their busy schedules. Luckily, there’s an easier way to prevent blockages in the downspouts – install gutter guards. Gutter guards prevent all kinds of debris from entering your gutters. 

Carolina Gutter Helmet® offers premium gutter guards with a proprietary nose-forward design and other unique features. For inquiries, call us at (866) 882-8292. Or, fill out this form. We serve homeowners in Greer, SC.