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Cleaning your gutters is an important part of your home’s upkeep. Getting it right the first time can streamline your gutter cleaning process, save you a lot of time, and prevent injuries. Gutter guard installer Gutter Helmet® of Michigan shares some of the common gutter cleaning mistakes that you should avoid.


  1. Not Using a Ladder Properly — Ladder-related injuries are very common, so it only makes sense to follow the instructions that came with your ladder. Generally, such precautions include making sure the base is secure and planted on the ground. Most ladders are designed to lean on the siding and not the gutters, as they can get slippery. Trying to maintain your balance while working on your gutters is just an accident waiting to happen.

  1. Overreaching — If something on the gutters is beyond reach, climb down the ladder, move it closer and climb back up. Overreaching can easily tilt even a properly-positioned ladder and lead to injury. The “convenience” of overreaching is definitely not worth the risk.

  1. Wearing Inappropriate Clothing — Wearing the correct protective attire, including footwear, is important when cleaning your gutters. Wear closed shoes with rubber soles help protect against slipping, which makes sandals and flip flops unsuitable. Protect yourself from small debris or insects that may be hiding in the gutters by wearing eye protection. Thick waterproof gloves are also best for scooping out potentially sharp debris.

  1. Not Cleaning the Gutters Properly — Cleaning gutters is more than just scooping out accumulated dirt and debris. Clean troughs are also easier to maintain, as joint sealants are most effective when not mixed in with small bits of grit and dirt. If you’re not comfortable with or do not have the capability to thoroughly clean your gutters, you can have it professionally cleaned at cost. Alternatively, gutter protection systems like Gutter Helmet keeps solid matter out of the gutters, virtually eliminating the need to clean them.

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