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Different household chores are likely part of your regular routines. There are tasks that you do on a daily basis, and there are also those that need to be done weekly, monthly or annually. You probably dread some of these more than the others. But no matter how much you hate a specific chore, you should continue getting it done to avoid troubles in the future.

gutter cleaning

To help make your most hated household chores more bearable, below are some tips that you could follow.

Bathroom and Toilet Cleaning

It’s easy to understand why many adults aren’t thrilled about cleaning their bathrooms, especially the toilet. Unclogging drains, removing hair from the drain, scrubbing off soap gunk, cleaning grout lines, making sure that germs and bacteria are effectively eliminated – these are just some of the things that you have to deal with when cleaning a bathroom.

In order to avoid laborious cleaning sessions, you should give your bathroom, specifically the sink and toilet, quick cleans every night. This will prevent scum and bacteria from accumulating. So, when you finally need to do your weekly deep clean, it will be a lot easier since your bathroom is not too dirty. There’s a lot less for you to clean and disinfect.

Stovetop and Oven Cleaning

Much like bathroom cleaning, stovetop and oven cleaning can be easier if you do quick cleans frequently and prevent dirt from building up. The general rule of thumb for ovens is to clean them at least once a month. But remember that you don’t necessarily have to wait for obvious signs before cleaning your oven. It’s best to have these tasks done on a routine basis so that you can avoid buildup on the surfaces. For your stovetop, you should clean it after every meal or each time you wash the dishes.

Gutter Cleaning

Since the gutters are located outside, it can be easy to forget about them until they develop problems during rain or snow storms. Ideally, it would be more convenient to hire a professional to clean your gutters. But if coordinating with a gutter cleaning company is something you can’t do on a regular basis, you might want to consider installing a gutter guard instead. Gutter guards basically cover your gutter system so that debris and leaves won’t be able to enter the gutters, thus preventing clogging and making gutter cleaning quicker and easier for you.

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