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Standard 5-inch gutters are usually enough to handle the rainwater from your roof. But sometimes, bigger is better, especially with 6-inch gutters. You’ll find that just one inch can make a notable difference with the draining ability, aesthetics, and maintenance of the gutter system. The premier gutter protection installer, Gutter Helmet®, shares who’ll benefit more from larger 6-inch gutters.

  • Homeowners With Bigger Roof Systems

The size of your roof can affect the size of your gutters. A home with a large roof (at least 1,000 square feet of roof plane) will need bigger gutters to manage runoff effectively. Because 6-inch gutters hold 50% more water than their 5-inch counterparts, rainwater has more space to run. In turn, there’s less chance of it flowing over the sides of the gutters, helping protect your fascia and siding from water damage. To determine whether your roof is larger or not, you may consult a local roof or gutter contractor for precise measurements.

  • Homeowners Who Like the Look of 6-Inch Gutters

The larger and more solid appearance of 6-inch gutters creates a visual impact on your home exterior. Gutters have always been designed to blend seamlessly into the roofline, but that’s slowly starting to change. Now, gutters can become an actual focal point, and if you want yours to stand out better from the curb, one way to do it is to pick more robust 6-inch gutters.

While 6-inch gutters are less prone to congestion, this doesn’t mean you should completely overlook any protective measures. You can augment their excellent draining performance by topping them with Gutter Helmet® gutter covers. With our patented nose-forward design and a textured surface, Gutter Helmet covers allow rainwater to flow smoothly through the system. This ensures foliage, pine needles, and other loose debris don’t get stuck. When you have our covers installed, you can expect only reliable and clog-free performance from your gutter system.

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