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Many homeowners have to deal with fallen pine needles on their homes and property. When overlooked, pine needles can damage your lawn and plants. They contain high acidity levels, which can seep into the soil and kill the grass. And while pine needles make for a great mulch, the thick cover they create on your property can rob the moisture from the soil and block your plants’ access to air and sunlight. Fortunately, there are simple ways to deal with fallen pine needles on your home and property. These include:

  • Clear them off your lawn. Before the buildup worsens, rake or mow the fallen pine needles off any surface on your property. Make sure to remove any accumulation near your home because it creates a fire hazard. In cases where conventional mowers or rakes don’t work, you can try clearing the pine needles away with a lawn sweeper or leaf blower/vacuum. There are even specialized rakes specifically used for collecting pine needles.
  • Trim back any pine branches over your roof and gutters. Fallen pine needles can also pose a risk to your roof and gutters. The buildup can damage the materials on the roof surface. When pine needles find their way into your gutters, they create blockages that hamper their draining performance. If you pine trees near your home, you should cut back any branches hanging over your roof and gutters. Also, consider having your gutters cleaned periodically by a local gutter professional. 
  • Invest in effective and quality gutter protection. To better prevent congestion in your gutters due to fallen pine needles, you should consider installing our exceptional Gutter HelmetĀ® covers. Their patented nose-forward design and textured surface allow rainwater to flow smoothly into and through the gutter system. Pine needles, leaves, and other loose debris are blocked from entering. Pine needles are mostly shed to the ground or left on top of the gutters, so clearing them away also becomes easier.

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