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You want your home’s exterior to look as beautiful as possible, but if you have some unsightly downspouts, it could pose a little bit of a dilemma. Fortunately, there are many ways to keep them out of sight, helping your curb appeal to shine as brightly as you really intend it to.

Paint Your Downspouts

Perhaps the most economical way to hide unattractive downspouts is to paint them. On the market, you can find specialized paints with exterior reinforcement against weathering. Make sure the color matches your siding and goes with the overall color scheme of your exterior. Do not forget to sand rusted areas to make the thinner and paint adhere effectively.

Make Them One With Nature

You can use vines or other tall, leafy plants to conceal your downspouts. You can wrap the vine around the downspout to train it to grow along with the material. Give it nourishment daily so that its growth can be beautiful, lush and full. You can also grow the vines on a trellis. This will create a wall of natural foliage that will allow you to hide your downspout. Plus, building the trellis itself will not cost you a lot of money.

Make Use of Rain Chains

So, you are not too fond of the idea of painting downspouts or growing vines. A simple trick is to remove those unsightly pipes completely, then replace them with rain chains. This, of course, is not ideal for homes in areas that receive a lot of rain. You can use a range of materials to build rain chains, giving you an opportunity to add a rustic or industrial look to your exterior.

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