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Wet Autumn Coming to Albany; Are Your Gutters Ready?

By July 25, 2014No Comments

Albany is up for a wet autumn this year, and locals have already been given a rather unpleasant preview. The past week saw rainstorms and floods getting the better of some parts of the city, a thing which, according to the mayor, could have been made marginally better with a bit of advance prep. Below is the story from TWC Cable News:

With another round of rain on tap, Albany is urging residents to help fight against flooding. A powerful rainstorm last week put parts of the city under a foot of water.

And a lot of the onus, at least according to Albany’s mayor, falls upon residents and property owners. Like in the Hackett Blvd neighborhood up near Holland Avenue.

Last week, water was a foot high or more running through the streets, after more than two inches of rain fell in less than two hours.

It caused quite a bit of damage. Basements flooded, sewer water lying about.

At least one resident said her car was totaled; she’s driving her father’s car now to get by.

Mayor Kathy Sheehan says residents need to be mindful of keeping storm drains clear of debris, and be forewarned when more rain is on the way, like Tuesday’s forecast. She says the city has done its part.

That homeowners have a share in the task of preparing for inclement weather isn’t news; it’s just that the real value of preparation never really becomes evident until problems like flooding and water damage are actually staring you in the face. And storm drains aren’t the only things that need your attention. With fall well on its way, now would be a great time to get your mind in the gutter, so to speak.

Experts will tell you that waiting until the middle of August to have your gutters mucked out isn’t the smartest idea, but think of it this way: now is still a far better time to do it than a few weeks from today, when the trifecta of rainy weather, falling leaves, and nesting critters has been given time to work its mischief in your gutter system.

Better yet, now would be a good time to seriously consider having Albany gutter covers installed. Not only will they eliminate, or at the very least simplify, the task of gutter cleaning, but also protect your property from clogs that lead to water damage, mold and mildew, and cracked foundations.

Gutter Helmet, an Albany gutter protection specialist, understands the need for reliable gutters and drainage systems come inclement weather. They’ve developed an innovative gutter cover design that keeps water in and debris out for good.

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(Article Excerpt from Albany Officials Prepare for Another Round of Wet Weather, Time Warner Cable News)