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Homeowners Ask: Are Gutter Guards Really Worth the Money?

By August 8, 2014No Comments

With Albany gearing up for yet another wet autumn this year, one question that’s on many local homeowners’ minds is whether or not Albany gutter covers really work. Most of us have had to climb up and clear our gutters of leaves, twigs, and other seasonal debris at least once, and it’s a safe bet that none of us found the task particularly enjoyable. In fact, most homeowners would pay good money to never have to muck out their gutters ever again.

So, back to the question: Do gutter guards really work as advertised? The short answer: Some do. A slightly longer answer: Yes, depending on the type of gutter guard installed. The experts over at HGTV Remodels weigh in on the issue:

Though normally installed after the homeowner has moved in, the benefit of gutter guards should be taken advantage of as soon as the roof is complete. Clogged gutters can lead to termite infestation, unwanted moisture and mold issues around the building envelope, unhealthy landscaping conditions, and damaged insulation. Cleaning gutters four times a year (as recommended with unguarded gutters) can be both expensive and, as with any trip up the ladder to the roof, dangerous for the homeowner.

The best practice for keeping gutters free of debris is by installing gutter guards.

They do, however, offer this small caveat:

Even with gutter guards in place, it’s a good idea to inspect and clean the gutters every fall. Seeds and smaller debris will eventually find their way into the drainage system and can lead to damming or clogged downspouts.

But what of those manufacturers who promise that with their systems, you’ll never have to muck out your gutters? Our advice is to take those claims with a grain of salt unless they can back them up with a solid guarantee. Gutter Helmet is one such manufacturer. They have a patented nose-forward design that uses the principle of surface tension to ensure that water flows unhindered in your gutters while debris falls straight to the ground below.

Their confidence in their product is so much so that ‘Never Clean Your Gutters Again’ is the company’s actual tagline. If you’re in the market for Albany gutter protection systems and are interested in finding out exactly how Gutter Helmet’s innovative design works, visit today.

(Article Excerpt from Install Gutter Guards: Learn about the advantages of gutter guards, HGTV Remodels)