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Just like a car, your home is a complex system with many components that work in tandem to perform certain tasks. If any of the components are broken or neglected, your home won’t be able to adequately perform its main job – protecting you and your family from the elements. Take the gutters, for example. When a gutter system overflows due to clogs caused by debris, the displaced water can end up in one of the worst places possible: your basement.

What to Do If the Basement Floods

Basement flooding can occur at any time. It can be the result of clogged gutters, a severe storm or even loss of power that causes a sump pump to stop working. It’s important to exercise extreme caution if you find your basement under water.

  • Never go in a flooded basement if the power is still on. Underwater outlets and wiring pose a dangerous hazard due to the risk of electrocution. Call your utility company to have the gas and electricity turned off, then contact your insurance company to determine whether professional restoration service is covered.
  • Start drying out a flooded basement as soon as possible. If you don’t have a sump pump, or the one you have isn’t powerful enough, they can be purchased at a home improvement store or rented from a rental center.
  • If your basement floor is covered in several feet of water, call a professional immediately. They have the equipment and expertise necessary to remove water quickly and safely. 
  • After removing standing water, turn on some fans and open the windows to keep air circulating and reduce the possibility of harmful mold growth.
  • In a finished basement, insulation, drywall, wall studs, paneling, carpeting and padding must be thoroughly dried after a flood in order to prevent mold growth. This may require professional assistance.
  • If your water heater, furnace or other appliances have been affected by flooding, it’s important to have a professional inspect them before turning them on again.
  • According to experts, one of the simplest and most effective ways to avert basement flooding in your home is to keep the gutters clear and unclogged, and make sure the downspouts extend far enough away from the house to prevent water saturation and foundation damage. If you don’t already have gutters, have them installed immediately.

The Importance of Gutter Guard Systems

Rain gutter guards provide the best gutter protection and do an exceptional job of protecting gutter systems from clogs of all kinds, and Gutter Helmet’s top-rated gutter guard systems are engineered to last a lifetime. To avoid the headaches that come with gutter cleaning and possible basement flooding, find a Gutter Helmet dealer near you today by calling (800) 824-3772.