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When you own a home, it’s vital that you care for its gutters as they help you protect your home from moisture damage. Unfortunately, between ensuring that they remain clean and in top form, you may forget that there’s another problem that you need to look out for: nesting birds.

In this article, Chattahoochee Gutter Co., Inc., a leading gutter installation company with stellar gutter guard reviews, lists the four ways you can prevent birds from nesting in your gutters and what to do if you find a bird’s nest.

1. Install Birdhouses – One way you can prevent birds from nesting in your gutters is to install some birdhouses or nesting boxes with bird feeders around your property. That way, they’ll have a safe space to eat and build their nests in while sparing your gutters from them.

2. Gutter Guards – On the other hand, if you aren’t keen on the idea of installing birdhouses or nesting boxes on your property, consider installing aluminum gutter guards on your gutter system. That way, you not only prevent birds from nesting on the gutters but you can prevent leaves and debris from falling on your gutters as well.

3. Sound Technology – If you don’t mind spending a bit more in the effort to prevent birds from nesting on your gutters, you can consider sound technology as a deterrent. This is because the high frequency sounds and predator noises can fool birds and prevent them from using your gutters as a nesting ground.

4. Bird Repellent – Alternatively, you can also consider bird repellents as a way to deter birds from nesting on your gutters. While they may need to be reapplied periodically, these substances stimulate various bird senses that makes it uncomfortable to stay in your gutters for too long.

What To Do If Birds Have Nested in Your Gutters

When you notice that birds are beginning to nest in your gutters, it’s vital that you do not disturb them when they’re actively nesting. This is because most bird species in North America are protected by a law that makes it illegal to disturb their nests during nesting season. With that in mind, if the birds are nesting or have already nested on your property, you’ll have to wait until late fall or winter to clear them away from your gutters. Alternatively, you can also call a wildlife rescue or pest control specialist to handle the problem for you as they’re trained to deal with these kinds of situations.

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