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Understanding the parts of your gutter system will help you learn how your gutters function. This will also help you care for your gutters better and prevent future gutter problems. Carolina Gutter Helmet® and More, a gutter guard systems expert, explains what you need to know:

Understanding the Different Parts of Your Gutter System


This refers to the pipes connected to your gutters. Their job is to carry water away from your gutters so that the water doesn’t do any damage to your property. You can improve your downspouts by installing certain accessories like a conductor head to consolidate runoff from multiple gutters or by installing a downspout bracket to secure the downspouts against the wind.


The gutters are channels that run alongside your roofline and catch rain that flows down the roof. There are many different kinds of gutters, and they are classified according to their style, material or construction. For example, ordinary gutters are divided into sections while seamless gutters are a single piece. Gutters can also be either half-round or k-style. Half-round gutters are semicircular while k-style gutters have a flat bottom and profiled face. Finally, gutters can either be copper, vinyl, zinc, aluminum or steel.

Gutter Protection

The last part of your gutter system is optional, but highly recommended. A gutter protection system stops leaves, pine needles and other debris from entering your gutters and forming gutter clogs. There are many different kinds of gutter protection systems, but we recommend installing Gutter Helmet. Unlike other products, Gutter Helmet completely covers your gutters and has no vertical openings. There’s no way for leaves to enter your gutters once it is installed.

Gutter Helmet is one of the best gutter guard systems on the market because of its efficient nose-forward design and special ribbed and textured surface. These features help it direct water into your gutters while stopping leaves and debris from getting into them. Call us at (866) 882-8292 to learn more about our services and products, or to get a free quote. We serve Greer, SC, and nearby areas.