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Tools That Make Gutter Cleaning Easier

By November 12, 2015October 18th, 2023No Comments

While gutters don’t tend to draw a lot of attention, they are important to your home. Your gutters should be in top condition because they crucial in protecting your home from water damage. Gutters safely redirect water away from your roof, siding, and foundation. Leaving them clogged means that those areas are at risk. Investing in tools that will help make cleaning your gutters easier is advisable.

Tools If You Prefer Climbing Up Ladders

If you prefer to climb up and clean your gutters yourself, make sure you have a good and sturdy ladder. It should be stable and be the right size for the job. You should also have a tool belt, where you can hang your gutter cleaning tools while climbing. Consider buying a specialized gutter scoop because it’s the perfect size to fit inside of your gutters. This makes cleaning easier. Make sure to have a high-quality hose to clean your gutters after you clear the debris.

Tools If You Would Rather Not Climb

If you have power washer, you can also clean your gutters without climbing a ladder. Pressure washers can have extensions or attachments that allow it to reach your gutters from the ground. In addition, you can buy special nozzles that have tow turbo nozzles on each side for better gutter cleaning. Aside from these tools, if you prefer reducing your gutter’s maintenance and cleaning requirements permanently, we can install Gutter Helmet® for your home.

Gutter Helmet®

Gutter Helmet is a gutter protection system that we can install over all types of gutters in Albert Lea MN, and the local area. It completely covers your gutters and prevents everything but water from entering. It works by the principle of water adhesion. Water flows over the curved Nose-Forward™ design and into your gutter system underneath. Meanwhile, leaves and other debris just fall harmlessly to the ground.

Our product can handle heavy rain and strong wind. It can function perfectly well under 22 inches of rain per hour, double that of the heaviest rainfall ever recorded in the US. Additionally, since it installs over reinforced heavy gauge brackets it is very strong and can handle heavy loads. If you’re worried about frozen gutters and ice dams, we can install Helmet Heat with Gutter Helmet. This self-regulating heat cable will melt ice before it becomes a problem.

Gutter Helmet will prevent clogs from forming and ensure your gutters will do their job properly in virtually any weather condition. Home Solutions Midwest has over three decades of experience helping homeowners in Albert Lea and the surrounding areas. We have the resources, skills, and experience necessary to return your gutter to great shape.

Give us a call to learn more about Gutter Helmet or to get a free in-home evaluation.