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Reducing Ice Dams with Heated Gutters

By November 13, 2015October 18th, 2023No Comments

Ice dams are a serious issue to both your gutters and roofing system. These allow backed-up water to penetrate your roof, insulation, and walls, causing extensive damage. Its added weight can also pull the gutters off your roof, resulting in costly repairs or replacement.

To reduce ice dam formation, invest in heated gutters. As your trusted expert in quality installation of all types of gutters in Cedar Falls IA, and the local area, Seamless Exterior can help you. With our Gutter Helmet’s heating system, Helmet Heat®, we’ll keep your roof and gutters icicle-free this winter.

Benefits of Helmet Heat®

This self-regulating heating system is exclusive to homes with Gutter Helmet gutter protection. Helmet Heat reduces ice dams from forming by melting snow and ice before it reaches your roof’s eaves. Since it melts ice forming inside the gutters and downspouts, your system can drain water more effectively. It prevents your gutters from sagging from the weight of ice and snow, as well.

Other benefits include:

  • Increased Energy Savings — Helmet Heat® is an energy-efficient option, since it only heats up when necessary. It doesn’t require a thermostat and constant monitoring.
  • Clean Installation — It’s installed under your Gutter Hemet system without visible clips and wires, allowing it to blend perfectly.
  • Material-efficient — Helmet Heat® also uses 50 percent less cable than traditional heating cable systems.
  • Safe — It’s GFCI-protected, and its cables will not overheat. It provides enough heat to melt of snow and ice, but not enough to make cables too hot to touch. Helmet Heat is UL-listed and approved, so you don’t need to worry about safety.

Seamless Exterior can also help you install Helmet Heat and further avoid the occurrence of ice dams. Invest in our Gutter Helmet gutter protection system. This features a patented nose-forward design and ribbed surface that effectively channels snowmelt away from your home, instead of pooling and refreezing to your roof’s corners.

For a safe and worry-free winter, turn to Seamless Exterior and our heated gutters. Call us today to learn more.