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Birds are lovely until they start building nests in your gutters. Keep in mind that debris or obstructions can hinder proper water flow in your gutters, preventing them from doing their job. Clogging increases the chances of home exterior damage, basement flooding, landscaping erosion and other costly issues. 

Luckily, cleaning your gutters can help save you from these problems. Keep reading for more tips on keeping birds from nesting in your gutters. 

Use Bird Repellent

Bird repellents can come in gel, spray or granules. They contain scents that cause discomfort in birds, making them stay away from your gutters. You’ll need to reapply the repellent multiple times a year to continue discouraging birds from nesting in your gutter system. 

Place Decoys

Putting a fake owl, snake or other predators in your gutters can help keep birds from going near your property. However, after some time, the birds will eventually realize that the animals you placed are just decoys. Some homeowners associations also don’t permit putting decoys because they can make homes look unappealing. 

Install Gutter Guards

An effective way to prevent small creatures from nesting in your gutters is to install gutter guards. Debris buildup in your gutters can attract birds. They can use the leaves, twigs and other materials inside to create their nests. A gutter protection system prevents debris from getting into your gutters. It improves water flow and keeps birds from making a home out of your gutters. 

At Gutter Helmet Systems of Alabama, we can help keep these creatures from nesting in your gutters. Our team only installs high-quality gutter protection systems. Contact us today to learn more about cleaning gutters with gutter guards. Call us at (866) 598-7525 or fill out our contact form to get a free quote. We work with clients in Chelsea, AL.

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