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Spring is the time of the year to break out the cleaning supplies and start giving your home a new lease on life. However, there are a few household chores that even some of the most meticulous homeowners tend to overlook. Take note of these essential spring cleaning tasks you may be forgetting to do: 

  1. Dusting the door frames. Countertops, bookcases and light fixtures may get the occasional dusting, but don’t forget about your door frames. With a microfiber cloth and a cleaning solution, wipe the top of the door and both of its sides where dust tends to gather. Then, wipe down the trim around the door.
  1. Have the gutters cleaned. Spring is the perfect time to clear away fallen leaves, weeds, bird nests, animal droppings and other windswept debris from your gutters. This is to ensure that spring rains can flow freely from the roof to the ground without causing backups, leaks and extensive water damage. Consider installing gutter covers to minimize the time and effort needed to clean your gutters. 
  1. Clean the shower curtains. When it is time to scrub down your tub, wash off the shower curtains as well. Shower curtains should be laundered if possible, tossed out if the liner is riddled with mold, or washed with a disinfectant like white vinegar.
  1. Steam clean the fridge. Wiping down the fridge is typically not enough to clean it thoroughly. After vacuuming all the crumbs to prepare your fridge for deep cleaning, pull out the drawers and wash them in your sink with dish soap and hot water. Then, use a sponge to clean all the trim before drying the fridge with a clean rag.

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