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If you’re looking into making your home more eco-friendly, you don’t have to have a complete remodeling project to do so. In fact, you can get started with your backyard. In this blog, rain gutter covers contractor Gutter Helmet® of Michigan shares tips on how to make your own backyard more eco-friendly.


Harvest Rainwater

While there are restrictions against rainwater harvesting in a few states, rainwater harvesting is allowed in Michigan. You can have large water tanks installed in your backyard and hook them up to your gutter downspouts. Harvested rainwater can be used for watering the garden, cleaning the house exterior, and washing your card. With a proper filtration system, rainwater can even be used for drinking and bathing. 

Collecting rainwater means you have to make it as clean as possible, which means your roof and gutters have to be clear of leaves and debris. Rainwater tainted with detritus in the gutters—which may contain animal droppings and rotting plant matter—would be unsuitable for human consumption. Frequently cleaning your gutters can take a lot of work; a better solution is to have gutter covers like Gutter Helmet installed on your gutter system. It stops solid matter from getting into the gutters in the first place, keeping the runoff clean, and helping keep your gutters clear.

Build a Compost

Composting helps reduce garbage production and lets you make high quality fertilizer for your garden. If you can’t dig a pit in your yard, there are compost bins that you can purchase that won’t look out of place in your yard. It takes about six to nine months for organic material to turn into useable fertilizer.

Use Wood Composite for Decks

Wood composite is made of recycled plastic and reclaimed lumber. It offers several advantages over traditional lumber used for building decks, such as longer life spans, lower maintenance requirements and resistance to dry rot and temperature changes. Wood composite is a sustainable option that helps reduce manufacturing waste that ends up in landfills.

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