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If the new school year finds your family in a new home, you should check out your gutter system. It’s one of the most important components of your roofing system and one that’s frequently overlooked. Nonexistent, leaking or clogged gutters can lead to damage to your home – from your roof to your basement, crawlspace or foundation. If your new home doesn’t have a quality gutter system with rain gutter shields, here’s why you should consider this investment sooner rather than later.

Free-Flowing Gutters Keep Water Away from Your Foundation

A properly functioning gutter system includes sound gutters and gutter caps. The gutters divert the rainwater and snowmelt away from your foundation. Some homeowners think that the water and snowmelt will simply fall to the ground and be absorbed. This isn’t always true. Heavy or frequent rain often has nowhere to go and puddles around your foundation. Because water follows the path of least resistance, it can end up in your home’s walls, basement or crawlspace, leading to all sorts of issues including bowing walls, a flooded basement and mold or mildew damage.

Gutters & Gutter Caps Prevent Roof Damage

There are so many ways that a properly functioning gutter system can prevent roof damage. First, clogged gutters lead to water backing up on the roof. When shingles sit in water, they deteriorate faster than they should. Water can also flow over the top of the gutter, against the home, and lead to damaged fascia. Of course, when water gets into your attic, you end up with ruined insulation that requires replacement. If you read our previous blog about how squirrels can take up residence in your gutters, you know that they do their own type of damage.

Fewer Insects Around Your Home

Clogged gutters and standing water around your home’s foundation create ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other insects. If you want to avoid attracting these pests, make sure your gutters are clean so that the water doesn’t pool around your home or in the gutters.

Gutters Keep You Dry

Have you ever run into your home when it’s raining and felt like you ran through a waterfall? It’s likely you need gutters or need to clean them. Properly functioning gutters funnel the water off the slope of your roof. If you have gutters that don’t leak but overflow, call your local Gutter Helmet® dealer and learn about the many benefits of Gutter Helmet rain gutter shields. Not only will they keep your gutters from getting clogged again, you’ll never need to clean your gutters as long as you own your home.

Get a Free Estimate on Gutter Helmet®

Only Gutter Helmet is designed to allow water to flow freely over the gutter cap’s edge into the gutter, even in heavy rainfall of up to 22 inches per hour. Gutter Helmet is also the only gutter cover manufacturer who guarantees you’ll never clean your gutters again. Call (800) 824-3772 or submit our online form to find a Gutter Helmet dealer near you and protect your biggest investment.