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Those small puddles on your lawn that appear are more problematic than you think. Wet conditions can hamper plant growth. Plants won’t be able to get air if they’re drowning in these puddles. 

There’s also the problem of rot and plant disease. Too much water can cause rot on grass roots, creating uneven patches on your lawn. Even just one unsightly brown patch on your lawn can bring down a property’s curb appeal. Imagine what a few dozen on an uneven lawn can do. 

Your gutters can help prevent your lawn from becoming too soggy. But you’ll need to make a few modifications first. GH of Western NC elaborates further below. 


Install Downspout Extensions 

Normally, your gutters would collect the rainwater on your roof. Rainwater is then redirected to the downspouts and, finally, the drains. However, during heavy rains, the force of rushing water may cause some to splash onto your lawn or garden. 

The physics of water rushing down from a high place means it will inevitably make a splash when it hits the drain. What you can do is to divert the water to a place away from your lawn and foundation. A downspout extension can help you do this. 

Clear Drain and Gutter Clogs 

It would also be a good idea to check your drains and gutters for any blockages. If the drains or gutters are blocked, rainwater may be diverted to or spill onto your law. This is why regular maintenance is a must for gutters. 

Gutter Caps 

If, however, you just don’t have the time to clean your gutters, it’d be worth installing gutter protection systems. Gutter caps are a popular type of gutter protection system. They prevent all kinds of debris from entering your home, eliminating the need to clean it daily. 

Gutter Helmet® is a top-rated gutter cap brand that can handle heavy-rain. Gutter Helmet is rated to handle rain of up to 22 inches per hour, which is more than twice the rainfall ever recorded in the country. 

Want to learn more about our premium gutter protection systems? You can call GH of Western NC at (828) 237-3001. Or you can leave us a message on this form. We serve homeowners in Mill Springs, North Carolina.