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Three Kinds of Problems that Leaf Gutter Guards Can Solve for You

By February 20, 2014No Comments

Like any part of your home, your gutters will need cleaning and maintenance from time to time. However, cleaning and maintaining those gutters will mean consistent effort such as the following:

Clearly, constant vigilance is needed to make sure your gutters are and stay in good condition.

To keep your gutter system working properly, clean them out in the fall, and make sure water flows toward the downspouts. Seal small holes with silicone and larger ones with flashing and roofing cement.

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Why not look for a long-lasting solution rather than spend time, effort, and money on maintaining your gutters? One solution is to invest in leaf gutter guards. Essentially acting as roofs over your gutters, those guards can solve three common problems below:

Clogged gutters

Over time, leaves will accumulate in your gutters. Those accumulated leaves, unless cleaned out, will keep water from draining into the gutters and down to the ground. Acting as a cover, a solid leaf guard gutter will keep out leaves, branches and other debris.

Ice dams

During winter, snow generally melts into water that flows into your gutters. According to Gutter Helmet®, melted snow can refreeze in the gutters, create an ice dam, and cause water to back up. Gutter or snow guards can let melting ice and snow properly slide off the roof.

Warped gutters

Your gutters can warp or pull away from the home due to weather. If that happens, water can leak through your roof and into your home. . Remember: when you invest in a gutter guard solution from a company such as Gutter Helmet®, you enable your gutters to last for a long time.

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