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Three Reasons to Get a Gutter Leaf Guard for your Home Right Away

By February 20, 2014No Comments

At some point, cleaning or maintaining your gutters can get tiring. According to an article in Angie’s List:

Gutters routinely get clogged due to leaves, sticks and other debris that fall during seasonal changes. As a result, you should clean your gutters in the fall and spring to ensure they’re clear. However, if you don’t have the tools to do the job, or simply dread climbing on ladder, you still have options.

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One such option is having a gutter guard solution in place. A gutter guard, as the words imply, protects your gutters from certain things. Below are three reasons you ought to get one for your home right away:

No more problem gutters

Gutters, like any exterior of your home, can have problems. Gutters can have water damming due to leaves accumulating there, or can warp away from the home because of heavy debris. Having quality gutter leaf guards can solve those problems by keeping out leaves and other debris.

No more installation problems

Many experts say a common cause of gutter problems is poor installation. Some installers do not take time to put in gutters correctly that later result in repair costs. When putting in a solution like Gutter Helmet®, certified installers are preferred to ensure no problems occur afterwards.

No more gutter maintenance

Just like your roof, gutters need regular maintenance. That means climbing your ladder to take out the leaves or melting the ice during winter. With a good gutter leaf guard, you will not have to do those things because the guard will prevent leaves and ice from gathering there.

Pretty much the only thing left is to explore the solution of gutter guards. The sooner you do so, the sooner you can decide.

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