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Manufacturer of America’s Best Gutter Guards Drives Wounded Warrior Donations

By February 20, 2014No Comments

Here at Gutter Helmet®, our company has made it our priority over the last three decades to guard your gutters from debris that can cause them to clog and leak. However, while we have provided the best gutter guards money can buy to protect countless homes, thousands of men have been involved in an even nobler endeavor, guarding a much more important thing.

Gutter Helmet® believes that our soldiers—our sons and daughters, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers—who labor out in the field to guard the freedom of each and every American are important. We appreciate the effort they put into allowing us all to live and work in peace. Our company recognizes the importance of their service. Thus, we have looked for ways to support the men and women who have given their time and talents to serve our country and returned from the field with the wounds to prove their devotion to our freedom.

Last November, Gutter Helmet® drove a donation campaign for the Wounded Warrior Project through our Facebook page. The Wounded Warrior Project, which has a vision of nurturing the most successful and well-adjusted generation of wounded soldiers in United States history, raises awareness about their sacrifices among the public in an effort to enlist aid for their needs. In fact, it has developed programs not just to heal their minds and bodies, but to also help them achieve economic empowerment as well as foster engagement between them.

In support of the Wounded Warrior Project, Gutter Helmet® spearheaded the Helmets for Heroes campaign last year. For this simple fundraiser, we promised to donate one dollar to the Project for every new “Like” that our company’s Facebook fan page received. Conducted throughout the month of November 2013, the initiative produced 123 new Likes for the Gutter Helmet fan page. As promised, we consequently donated $123 to the Project.

For 2014, we also vow to continue supporting the needs of our wounded soldiers. This is a promise you can rest assured we will fulfill, as you have seen us support the Wounded Warrior Project through other initiatives in the past.

We encourage all our clients to keep visiting our webpage ( and our Facebook fan page ( for more information about the best gutter guard in America and all our forthcoming charitable initiatives.