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The Latest in Gutter Stuff: The Gutter Pump

By December 19, 2012October 16th, 2023No Comments

Responsible homeowners realize the importance of keeping their gutters clean of debris and allowing runoff water to flow from the roof to the downspouts. Not surprisingly, there are dozens products on the market which can help homeowners in their ongoing quest for clean gutters. Now, there’s a relatively new product that focuses on preventing clogged downspouts. It’s called the Gutter Pump.

How it Works

The Gutter Pump is about six inches long and less than two inches high, and it is designed to fit inside a gutter at the point where it intersects the downspout. A cylindrical piece of the Gutter Pump extends down for a couple of inches into the downspout. The idea is for water to flow into the gutter pump through an opening on its side, and then proceed down into the downspout. Meanwhile, the body of the Gutter Pump repels leaves and other pieces of debris, thus preventing the downspout from becoming clogged.

Origin story

There’s an interesting story behind the creation of the Gutter Pump. Chris Carter, the man who came up with the design, was looking for a way to assist his father-in-law, who had developed Alzheimer’s disease and was unable to pay his bills. So Carter purchased a do-it-yourself patent application book, constructed a product prototype, and began marketing and patenting his invention all by himself. Today, this product can be purchased from several online retailers.


The Gutter Pump has received quite a few accolades since its entry into the marketplace. It won the “Best of Show” award for the state of Colorado in QVC’s “Quest for America’s Best” competition in 1997. The following year, the Denver Business Journal gave the Gutter Pump the Most Innovative New Products Award in the outdoor home and garden category for Colorado. And at Do-it-Yourself Retailing Magazine’s National Hardware Show in Chicago in 1999, the Gutter Pump received an Award for Distinction for the Marketing of Innovative Products. In addition, the product website claims that the Gutter Pump can pull 50 gallons of rainwater per minute from the gutter to the downspout, which is especially useful during heavy downpours.


However, the Gutter Pump did not fare as well among people who purchased the product and reviewed it. Some reviewers expressed concern about its quality and its effectiveness at keeping debris out of the downspouts. One reviewer noted that smaller-sized debris — like tiny leaves and seeds — were not repelled by the Gutter Pump. And while the product did garner high marks for being easy to install without using any tools, there were concerns that the Gutter Pump didn’t fit well inside standard-sized gutters.

The Gutter Pump retails for around $15 for a set of two, so if you think that it might suit your needs, you don’t have to waste a large amount of money finding out whether it works or not. Of course, if you’re looking for a guarantee that you’ll never have to clean your downspouts or your gutters ever again, you should consider investing in the Gutter Helmet® gutter protection system.

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