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Roofs and Gutters Gone Wild: The 5 Coolest Videos of Holiday Decorations

By December 21, 2012October 16th, 2023No Comments

Eleven months out of the year, the roofs and gutters on a home are completely utilitarian — and usually quite boring. But during the month of December, some homes are strung with elaborate light displays and are turned into incredible works of art. Here are five videos of some of the coolest holiday decorations to grace a gutter or rooftop.

1. Florida Frenzy of Lights

It’s as if someone went to the home improvement store and bought every single Christmas item in it. This Florida display starts with the roof being completely covered in Christmas lights, followed by a crowd of snowmen and bears perched atop the patio roof. Icicle lights hang from the gutters, and a multicolored tower of lights sits behind the home. Then the display spreads to a covered greenhouse of sorts; complete with carousel, inflatable characters, moving ferris wheel, waving Santa Claus, and animatronic Grinch. The homeowner has left nothing out.

2. Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Some of the more modern Christmas songs have been created by a musical group known as Trans-Siberian Orchestra, which incorporates electric guitars and violins, keyboards, and other instruments into their high-energy holiday tunes. The group’s first hit, Christmas in Sarajevo, serves as the musical accompaniment to this synchronized light display which was erected in 2007. The lights themselves aren’t that elaborate, with multicolored lights on the roofline, icicle lights on the gutters, netting lights on the porch, and displays in the windows and yard. But when combined and set to music, this holiday display rocks better than anything else you’ve ever seen.

3. Skrillex

The 2011 MTV Electronic Dance Music Artist of the Year was an individual who goes by the name of Skrillex. His music is described as “dubstep,” which relies heavily on drum and bass, propulsive rhythms, and dissonant harmonies. In other words, it’s an acquired taste. But evidently, the residents of this Idaho home are big fans of Skrillex, because they set their Christmas light display to one of his tracks. It’s interesting to see the well-designed display — which includes a manger scene, a Star of Bethlehem, and the word “Joy” near the roofline — blinking and flickering to such a cacophony of sound.

4. Gangnam Style

A South Korean rapper named Psy has come up with the catchy tune/dance move combo of 2012 known as Gangnam Style. It’s named after a posh suburb of Seoul which purportedly is known as a place where posers claim to be from. The owner of this house in Austin, Texas (a city whose unofficial slogan is “Keep Austin Weird”) has decided to embrace this song and use it for the soundtrack to his Christmas light display. Blue icicle lights hang from the gutters, white snowflakes dot the roof and exterior walls, and the roofline is rimmed with lights. Along with the front yard tree and cactus display, the entire home is guaranteed to get your feet tapping.

5. Indiana University basketball

There are sports fans, and then there are fanatics. This homeowner definitely falls into the latter category. Not only does he outline the logo of his beloved Indiana University on his roof, but he sets the entire display not just to the Indiana fight song, but also to the radio play-by-play of the buzzer-beating shot which lifted the Hoosiers to an upset win over Kentucky, the top-ranked college basketball team in the land, in 2011. The rhythm of the lights in this display isn’t very imaginative; but if you’re an Indiana fan, you really don’t care.