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Consumer Reviews of Gutter Helmet’s No-Clog Gutter Systems

By December 18, 2012October 16th, 2023No Comments

Advertising may have gotten fancier and more technologically advanced over the past few decades, but the messages proclaimed by advertisers haven’t changed all that much. They always strive to portray their product in the best possible light. But if you want the pros and cons of a product, it’s best to hear from someone who has actually bought it.

The same goes for gutter protection systems. And there are plenty of homeowners who are singing the praises of Gutter Helmet’s patented design and “never clean your gutters again” guarantee.

One of these reviews was posted on AskVille, a comprehensive review site overseen by A user who identified herself as HELENofTROY spoke of how she had tried all of the typical fixes to keep debris out of the gutters of her Connecticut home — from mesh wiring to vented plastic inserts. After she had the Gutter Helmet® protection system installed, she said that no matter how much rain, snow, or ice fell, her gutters always stayed debris-free. HELENofTROY admitted that the up-front costs were a bit high, but said that it was absolutely worth it now that she has “absolutely maintenance free” gutters.

Desiree N. from Sunnyvale California had a similar experience. Writing on Yelp, Desiree said she was happy that she didn’t have to clean her gutters this year, since she had Gutter Helmet® installed on them. She said that not only does Gutter Helmet® work well, but it also improves the overall appearance of her home.

Athen W. from Seattle, Washington likes Gutter Helmet® for a different reason. He says that he was tired of his mother trying to climb up on a ladder to clean her gutters after a rainfall. He tells Yelp that after talking to friends who had chosen various gutter-protection products, he went with Gutter Helmet® because it received the best word-of-mouth reviews. Athen notes that after Gutter Helmet® was installed, even “torrential rain and snow” did not cause any gutter problems. Saying that Gutter Helmet® is “highly recommended,” Athen admits, “Basically I am just happy that my mom doesn’t stubbornly climb onto the roof when it rains now.”

And other people were so satisfied with Gutter Helmet® that they had their reviews videotaped and put on an affiliate site. Here is a sampling of those comments:

    • One woman was overjoyed that she no longer has to clean her gutters “at least five times a year.” Before Gutter Helmet®, she says that ice would build up over two feet on top of the roof and hang over the edges of her gutters.
    • A man relates how the investment into a Gutter Helmet® system is worth the cost. “When you do the calculation, there’s no question,” he says, “Maybe it costs a little bit of money to put the system in, but then you don’t have to worry about it. That’s it!”
    • And another man is amazed by how well Gutter Helmet® works. He notes that “I’ve never had to clean a gutter in the past two and a half years. I like it that way. I prefer to spend my time fishing and playing golf, rather than climbing up and down a ladder.”

If you want to experience the Gutter Helmet® difference for yourself, go to Gutter Helmet®.com to arrange for a free quote today!