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The Gutter Cover Dilemma: Hire a Pro or Install It Yourself?

By March 6, 2019October 16th, 2023No Comments

When you finally decide that you’ve cleaned your gutters for the last time, you may begin researching gutter protection products. As you do, you’ll find that some are only sold to authorized dealers and installed by the same, while other types are available at any home improvement store. If you’re trying to decide between hiring a professional and self-installation, you’ll want to look at more than just the price of materials.

Types of Gutter Protection Products

Sometimes called gutter covers or gutter guards, the goal is the same: after installation, they should keep debris out of your gutters. Some do a better job than others. Here are the main types of gutter protection products:

  • Snap-On – These gutter guards snap onto the edge of your gutter and lay on your shingles. They are usually made of metal with holes large enough to let water through, with the goal that the debris runs off and not in. However, as with any type of gutter cover with a hole in it, small debris will get through and eventually you’ll end up cleaning gutters.
  • Under-Shingle – Much like the name implies, they slide under the edge of the shingle and lay on the gutter. Some are available at home improvement stores for self-installation and others require a professional installation. Whichever type you choose, make sure that you’re not going to void your shingle warranty with installation.
  • Mesh or Screens – These are among the least expensive options, but have a big flaw. Check the reviews before you purchase this style because you not only want to avoid cleaning gutters, but also gutter guard cleaning. This style is known to collect debris – which clogs the mesh and renders your gutters useless until you clean the debris off.
  • In-Gutter Systems – These lay in the gutters, and are made of either foam or a bottle-brush designed to let water seep through while (in theory) repelling debris. They’re readily available online or at a home improvement store. However, if you want to avoid gutter guard cleaning, you’ll want to avoid this style.
  • Reverse-Curve – Most often this style requires professional installation. It is almost always made of metal and sits on top of your gutters. It features a curve that allows water into the gutter, but not debris. Because they’re installed at the same angle as your roofline, debris coming down your roof flows over a reverse-curve system.

Self-Installation or Professional Installation? Which Is Best?

If you want a product that is guaranteed, won’t void your roof’s warranty and also lets you avoid gutter guard cleaning, you want a professional installation. More specifically, you want a reverse-curve gutter protection system from Gutter Helmet®. Only we can guarantee that you’ll never clean your gutters again! We offer a lifetime triple manufacturer’s warranty and, because only our authorized dealers install Gutter Helmet, you can take comfort that the job will be done right.

If you’re ready to learn more about what makes Gutter Helmet gutter protection products different, call (800) 824-3772 or chat with one of our team members. We’ll connect you with your local dealer for a free quote.