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You may already be familiar with the principle of surface tension. You can think of it as a force that keeps water molecules together. If you let a drop of water fall on, say, a counter, you’ve probably noticed that the water remains clumped in a round droplet instead of spreading flatly across the flat surface. Surface tension is the force that keeps liquid water in this form.

The Science Behind Gutter Helmet®

It’s easy to miss this force because it’s so common but it is what allows pond skaters and water striders to skate across the surface of a body of water without sinking. Surface tension follows a few principles of physics and our experts at Chattahoochee Gutter Co., Inc. have taken these concepts and applied it into an effective gutter protection system: the Gutter Helmet.

How Water Flows

When rainwater hits your roof, the flow of the water down into the gutters isn’t particularly laminar but they do share a generally horizontal direction. You can maximize this fluid motion by designing horizontally positioned slits that allow water to pass through without meeting too much resistance.

The Gutter Helmet Advantage

One clear advantage the Gutter Helmet has over other gutter protection systems is that it makes use of surface tension and the horizontal direction of water flow. This allows smooth movement with no risk of overflowing the trough. The horizontal slits are designed to break surface tension, which means water passes through the protective mesh while keeping larger debris out. This means your gutter can effectively redirect water down into the drain pipe and safely away from the more sensitive areas of your home.

Keep your gutters clear and free of any potential clogging hazards with the complete protection offered by Gutter Helmet. Call out experts at Chattahoochee Gutter Co., Inc. today at (866) 882-5641 or visit our contact page to request an estimate. We serve Salem, Alabama and all surrounding areas.