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Your gutters play a key role in protecting your home against water damage. Clogs and leaks, however, can render your gutters ineffective, putting your home at risk. Gutter Helmet® of Cookeville, your local provider of quality gutter guards, explains how water damage resulting from clogged or leaking gutters affects your home.

Foundation Damage

A clogged gutter system causes water runoff to overflow and spill down your siding. It will then collect on the ground, saturating the soil, eventually leading to cracks in your home’s foundation. It is also possible for the water to penetrate the interior of your basement. Having functioning gutters helps preserve the structural integrity of your home.

Siding Damage

Some of the water spilling from the side of your gutters may run down your siding. Noticeable watermarks may appear, affecting your home’s curb appeal. The moisture can also dampen your home’s insulation, compromising energy efficiency, which leads to an increase in utility bills.

Roof Damage

Clogs and leaks in your gutter system may also impair your roofing system. Dust, leaves, twigs and other debris adds extra weight on the gutters, causing them to sag and become detached from the fascia boards. Also, as overflows occur, water tends to collect on your roof, affecting the shingles and other important roof components.

Don’t Let Water Damage Ruin Your Home

It is important to have a functioning gutter system. While regular gutter maintenance is helpful, the best way to ensure your gutters remain in good condition at all times is to invest in a high-quality gutter protection system.

When it comes to gutter guards, Gutter Helmet is the name to trust. Learn more by calling Gutter Helmet of Cookeville at (866) 985-9982 or by filling out our contact form to request an estimate. We serve residents living in and around Cookeville, TN.