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To see fallen leaves around your home property is a big sign that the colder months have already begun. Of course, this also means it’s time to clear them off your yard before winter starts. It can be a tiring chore even if you’re using the right equipment, but it’s still necessary to do so to keep your property clean and well-maintained. Be sure not to forget your roof when you get rid of those leaves because they can lead to several issues that may affect its performance. 

Investing in a reliable gutter protection system is a great way to keep fallen leaves off your gutters, but that doesn’t mean you can allow them to accumulate on the rest of your roof. 

Why Fallen Leaves on Your Roof Isn’t Ideal

Fallen leaves are usually dry by the time they sit on the roof’s surface. However, they can still collect moisture as the temperatures get lower during the season. When this happens, they can get soggy and form clusters in each corner of your roof. They can also get damp when it rains, which affects your roof’s asphalt shingles. The moisture collected from the leaves can also seep through the surface, causing internal mold growth and rot damage to the inner wooden components. This ruins the roof’s structural integrity as it leaks into your attic and ceiling.

Wet leaves can also become as heavy as snowfall, and the added weight can cause roof sagging. This can compromise the inner roofing structure if left unaddressed. The leaves and other debris can also clog your gutters, causing water to pool and back up in some areas. You’ll end up with a costly roof and gutter repair if they’re not cleaned properly.

Preventing Roof Damage

One of the most effective ways to prevent roof damage from fallen leaves is to clear them out before they start to accumulate. You may have to clean your gutters regularly to prevent fallen leaves from forming into clogs. Consider a few preventive measures as well such as trimming some of the branches hanging near or above your roof to prevent leaves from falling and getting blown over to your roof’s surface.

You should also invest in a gutter protection system that keeps the leaves off your gutters and makes cleaning less tedious. Just make sure they’re installed by a top professional among gutter guard companies! Call Gutter HelmetĀ® Systems of Alabama today at (866) 598-7525 to get a free estimate. You can also fill out our online contact form to get started. We serve residents in Alabama, including Chelsea and the surrounding areas.

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