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Can fallen leaves damage your roof? We get asked these questions all the time. Here, we discuss this topic. 

How Fallen Leaves Cause Roof Damage

While your roof system is built for durability and long-lasting performance, it will still be subject to the occasional issue. The reason for some of these problems seems improbable, but they do occur. Fallen leaves that have piled up on the roof surface are one good example. When overlooked, they can actually leave your roof badly damaged. That’s because leaves absorb and retain moisture, which encourages algae and rot in the asphalt shingles. And when the shingles become compromised, the moisture from these wet leaves will seep below the roof surface, leaving the system’s components susceptible to mold. This can be easily avoided by:

  • Scheduling regular roof cleaning to keep the system clear of any leaf and debris buildup.
  • Cutting back the branches of nearby trees. If you see them hanging over the roof and gutters, have them trimmed promptly.
  • Keeping the gutters clean to prevent blockages. It’s likely that some of the leaves on your roof will end up inside the gutters, causing water to back up and infiltrate the roof via the fascia board. The simplest way to keep the gutters clean and clog-free is to invest in a quality gutter protection system from Gutter Helmet® of Northern Minnesota.

What Is Gutter Helmet®, and How Much Is It?

Gutter Helmet is the most effective gutter protection system available today. It comes with a patented nose-forward design and a textured surface that allows rainwater to flow smoothly and efficiently into the gutter system while filtering out leaves and other loose debris. Unrivaled draining performance is guaranteed when you invest in our superior product, but how much does Gutter Helmet cost, exactly? That will depend on several factors, such as the size of your gutters and your roof. Whatever the overall costs, you’ll soon find that Gutter Helmet’s exemplary features will more than makeup for them.

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