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Your downspouts perform an important function: depositing the precipitation that lands on your roof a safe distance away from your home, thus preventing water damage to your home. Unfortunately, downspouts can be an eyesore. In today’s article, ABC Seamless Siding, the top choice for gutter protection in our local area, gives tips to help you hide unsightly downspouts.

Paint Your Downspouts

Consider painting your downspouts a color that helps them blend into your siding. Your goal is to prevent your downspouts from contrasting with the rest of the house. With so many paint products to choose from, you can easily find a color that matches your exterior, whether your home is clad with siding, stucco, brick or any other material.

Hide Them With Plants

You can hide your downspouts by getting creative with plants. For example, you can place vines on top of the downspout and just let them grow naturally. You can also use a trellis to conveniently grow vines or other plants, blocking your downspouts from view. We also suggest using a potted plant that grows tall enough to hide the downspouts. Just make sure that the potted plant is not directly underneath the downspout. You don’t want to overwater the plant.

Use Rain Chains Instead

You can also replace your downspouts entirely with a product that’s more visually appealing: rain chains. These can give your home a stylish, rustic, semi-industrial look. There are all sorts of rain chain options. You can choose from string-linked pebbles, small metal pails chained together, iron cups, linked seashells and more.

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