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Properly installed gutters can protect your home from water damage. However, mistakes during the gutter installation do the opposite and leave your home more vulnerable to rain. That’s why you should leave gutter installation to the professionals.

In today’s article, Gutter Helmet® Systems of Alabama, the installer of the best gutter guards in our local area, explains why gutter installation isn’t a job for amateurs.

1. Gutter Slope

Proper slope calculation is a critical aspect in gutter installation. Gutters need to have a slight incline to encourage the flow of water into the downspouts without any problems. Miscalculating the slope can cause the gutters to not work properly and overflow. A professional gutter installer knows how to correctly calculate the slope of the gutter system.

2. Gutter Placement

Some people think that gutters should be placed right on the roofline. This is incorrect. If you install gutters right on the roofline, then the rainwater will run behind the gutters because the gutters are too high. This can damage the fascia boards of your home. A professional gutter installer will not make this mistake during gutter placement. They will place the gutters a few inches lower than the roof.

3. Hanger Spacing

Your hanger gutters need to be properly spaced. This proper spacing depends on your local climate. Areas that receive more rain require a hanger spacing arrangement that allows the gutters to carry more weight. These gutters should be able to support large amounts of water for longer periods. A professional gutter installer has the experience necessary to make the right calls when it comes to hanger spacing.

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