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As a homeowner, keeping your home safe in winter despite severe weather conditions is a priority. While some homeowners invest in gutter screens or a gutter leaf guard, many are stymied when it comes to harsh cold weather conditions where snow and ice build up in gutters.

Cleaning out your gutters during wintry conditions can be difficult and even dangerous as areas are slippery and cold. It is easy to damage gutters with metal tools or the pressure of ladders if you are not careful. Having a regular system to keep your gutters clean during the wintertime and free of ice dams and icicles is important.

Icicles and ice dams can form along the eaves of your home, even blocking gutters. Ice dams can cause a lot of damage to your home that is costly to repair. When ice dams form in gutters, they may make gutters sag. Water backs up into your roof, walls and even into your home’s insulation. It is important to stop ice dams before they form. Helmet Heat, Gutter Helmet’s innovative ice reduction system, is effective at keeping ice dams at bay.

Helmet Heat® Provides Peace of Mind

In addition to gutter leaf guard, Gutter Helmet also installs Helmet Heat, a self-regulating heating device that reduces ice and snow from building up around the edges of your roof. A proven ice dam solution, Helmet Heat reduces ice dams from forming in the first place by melting snow, stopping buildup of snow and ice on your roof eaves. When snowmelt can flow smoothly through your gutters and down through the downspouts, you are able to avoid damage.

Safe, Self-Regulating and Easy to Install

Installed in conjunction with Gutter Helmet’s patented system, Helmet Heat is energy-efficient and heats up only when needed. It is self-regulating, meaning that you do not have to monitor it or climb up to your roof to adjust temperatures or turn it on and off. Safe, GFCI-protected, UL-listed and approved, Helmet Heat is easy to install and is invisible, fitting neatly inside your gutters.

Efficient, Invisible and Easy to Maintain

Designed for maximum efficiency, Helmet Heat uses 50% less cable than traditional heating cable systems. Reduce ice dams and frozen gutters by using Helmet Heat in conjunction with Gutter Heat. Without visible roof clips or exposed wire, Helmet Heat can be mounted on any home that uses the Gutter Helmet gutter protection system.

Helmet Heat does not require a dedicated thermostat. All you have to do is switch Helmet Heat on or off at recommended times.

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