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Top Reasons Gutter Helmet® is Number One

By December 28, 2016No Comments

Your gutters protect your home from water damage by directing rain to your downspouts, depositing water away from your home. Unfortunately, leaves and other debris can enter your gutters and cause them to clog. This leads to overflowing gutters and costly water damage. Fortunately, Seamless Exterior can help you with gutter protection in Waterloo, IA. We can install Gutter Helmet®, the country’s number one choice in gutter guards. It’s popular because of these  top features:

Sturdy Construction

It provides long-lasting and reliable performance under any kind of weather. Made of heavy-gauge aluminum, it’s installed over a heavy-gauge bracket. This means that heavy rain, snow, and ice are no match for our gutter protection system. Its brackets will reinforce your gutter and transfer the weight of the system to your roof. Gutter Helmet will also remain straight and will not buckle, fade, or warp.

Solid Cover

Gutter Helmet provides excellent gutter protection in Marshalltown, IA, because it completely covers the gutters. Unlike screens, meshes, or slots, debris cannot clog Gutter Helmet because our product has no vertical openings. Water will simply flow from your roof, cling to the surface, and enter your gutters directly. Meanwhile, debris, leaves, and dirt will just fall from your roof.

Innovative Nose-Forward Design

Our gutter guard has a special design that uses surface tension to protect your gutters from debris. This design extends past the edge of your roof and features precise curves and angles. Gutter Helmet’s special shape forces water to curve over the roof edge and go directly into your gutters, even if there are no vertical openings. Our innovative design also comes with a ribbed and textured surface that causes water to sheet instead of beading up. This increases surface tension and improves our products’ performance.

Seamless Exterior is an authorized installer of Gutter Helmet in Cedar Falls, IA. We have installed this product on countless homes, so you can rely on us for a quick and hassle-free installation. Call us at (319) 243-3600 to learn more about Gutter Helmet. You can also request a free quote.