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Protect Yourself from Home Improvement Fraud by Doing a Little Research

By May 21, 2014October 17th, 2023No Comments

People nowadays will do everything to earn money, even to the point of deceiving others – in the guise of running a legitimate home improvement business, for example. While we are already aware that careful spending can make a lot of difference, we should be constantly reminded that when hiring the services of a home contractor, we should make sure that we get our money’s worth – otherwise we should just be doing the work ourselves.

But hiring professionals can be a lot more convenient – and to a certain extent, cheaper – because contractors are trained for the job, they can easily scout for the best suppliers of quality materials and it is simply safer than you climbing a ladder. Normally, home improvement companies are armed with sufficient training, expertise and insurance so they’re naturally the better choice.

It is our duty then to make sure that we hire trustworthy contractors to avoid any inconvenience. Again, it pays to be cautious because, apparently, the scammers are roaming around:

Also in April, the Kentucky attorney general announced that a roofing contractor had pleaded guilty to one count of theft by deception under $10,000 and was given a two-year prison sentence that was suspended on the condition that he pay $3,700 in consumer restitution. He previously had been indicted on 26 counts involving the same charge, primarily in connection with storm-related repairs.

New York attorney general recently said he had filed a lawsuit against a home improvement contractor whom he accused of defrauding consumers by accepting payments for work he never performed and for supplies that he never ordered.

Before hiring a contractor, a thorough background check is important. You want to make sure that the company has an official website and then look into their history. When faced with gutter issues, for instance, it is best to bank on the 30-year solid record of Gutter Helmet®, a company known for providing a top quality gutter protection system.

It is also recommended that you take time to read client testimonials – such as what the satisfied customers have said about Gutter Helmet®: For being “America’s #1 choice,” you can be sure that the company, which has several dealers across the country, excels in what they do and deliver: the best gutter protection for your home.

(Article Excerpt from Don’t be a victim of home improvement fraud, Consumer Reports, May 06, 2014)