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Here’s to Worry-free Gutters with the Best Gutter Guards in the Market

By May 23, 2014October 17th, 2023No Comments

Gutter cleaning is essential to home maintenance. They should be cleaned regularly of debris like leaves and needles from trees to prevent roof problems such as leaks or rotting. A clean gutter also prevents blockages thus providing proper drainage on your roof. However, homeowners who try to perform these maintenance tasks are at risk of injuries, especially the elderly and the untrained. In fact, a study from the Oregon Health and Science University confirmed this:

Seniors are at highest risk for injuries when they fall off ladders during fall months, as they clean their gutters, hang holiday lights, or go about other maintenance activities, according to a study by an Oregon Health & Science University’s Trauma Program.

The study showed that the main activities requiring ladder use were house painting, maintenance, gutter repair, landscaping and construction.

A case of this exact accident was reported by NBC Chicago involving an old woman:

A falling tree injured a woman in her 70s who was cleaning out her gutters Saturday morning in the Gresham neighborhood.

Neighbors said the woman was out clearing her gutter when the tree snapped, and appeared to have landed on her legs.

This incident serves as a reminder that gutter cleaning may be dangerous and may force you to an emergency room visit. That is why you need a solution that will deal with your gutters permanently. Gutter Helmet® offers you the best gutter protection system that will free you from cleaning your gutters ever again.

By installing the best gutter guards from Gutter Helmet®, you will not only protect your gutters from clogging but will also remove the need for you to risk your life. If you’re looking for further proof, take a look at this testimonial wherein a couple expressed their satisfaction from using Gutter Helmet®: “My husband doesn’t have to worry about going up on the roof and falling off.”

Article Excerpt from OHSU Study Finds Ladder Fall Injuries Increase for Seniors During Fall Months, Oregon Health&Science University, November 28, 2001