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An Innovative Gutter Guard to Gently Drive Animals Away

By May 19, 2014October 17th, 2023No Comments

Of all the things that would cause problems to you gutters, you’d think furry little creatures wouldn’t be one of them. But yes, they can be a problematic lot once they decide to ‘dwell’ in your roof. Imagine the harm they can cause to your gutters: squirrels can potentially destroy the whole system, disrupting water flow and ultimately leading to more serious concerns.

Of course, you will have to consider their welfare, meaning you can’t just hastily drive them away. This article from provides some practical advice:

Squirrels are cute little critters when you see them from a distance, bouncing from limb to limb and chasing each other around. However, when they start building nests in places that disrupt the household, such as in your gutters, they lose their appeal. You must find a way to encourage the squirrels to make a home elsewhere to prevent gutter overflow and possible damage to the landscaping below.

Clean out debris that squirrels are using to nest in your gutter system. Use a hose to wash away leaves, nuts, twigs and other natural material. Put the hose down into downspouts to wash them out as well.

Installing efficient and low-maintenance gutter guard systems is the best solution there is because it gets rid of the problem with little to no effort. Gutter Helmet®, with the reputation for being “America’s #1 Choice in Gutter Protection for over 30 Years!”, can certainly help you in this regard.

The product’s patented design protects your gutters from all sorts of debris and also discourages squirrels and birds from nesting there. This makes it the best gutter system around. If you’re looking for more information about this subject, you may want to take a look at this blog post on our website about some ways on how to keep the birds out of your gutters.

(Article Excerpt from How to Get Rid of a Squirrel in the Gutter,