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Your gutters are your home’s first layer of defense against unwanted rainwater. Without effective gutters, you risk allowing a simple rainshower to wreak all sorts of havoc on your home. Unfortunately, not all parts of your home are compatible with gutters. Porticoed entryways, in particular, can be too tricky to have a full gutter system installed. For these situations, it’s better to use a rain diverter.

Diverters are a good way to help redirect rainwater away from certain areas in your home. However, they are not a reliable substitute for gutters and downspouts. Read on as our experts on gutter protection products at Gutter Helmet® of Eastern Shore share the pros and cons of rain diverters.

Advantages of Rain Diverters

The main purpose of diverters to is to control rainwater in areas where gutters cannot be installed. That said, they perform this role quite adequately, especially where small sections of roofing project outward from a wall, such as those in porticoes, bay windows and dormers. By keeping water flowing down a roof assembly and redirecting it into a proper drainage site or into a connected downspout, diverters protect your home from water-related damage, such as ice dams and foundation problems.

Known Disadvantages

A J- or L-profile diverter can be hard to miss in a uniformly shingled roof. This is actually why many homeowners hesitate using them in their homes as they can be pretty conspicuous. Some contractors recommend using diverters in sections of your roof that are not visible from the street, allowing them to perform their purpose without having any impact on your home’s appeal.

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